The Education Group


The Education Group was established in 2004 and is based in Auckland. It grew out of a valued professional relationship between the directors over many years and well established and highly credible reputations as education researchers and consultants. The Directors are Jan Hill, Kay Hawk, Kerry Mitchell, Nicky Knight, Roween Higgie and Deanna Johnston. Roger Harnett is an Associate Director. We work across the education sector from early childhood to tertiary although most of our work is focused in primary and secondary schools in Auckland and throughout New Zealand.

The Education Group provides a strong academic and professional network, and access to the latest research and literature.

Kay, Jan, Kerry, Nicky, Roween, Deanna and Roger combine this with their skills, knowledge and experience in educational leadership and research in pre-school centres, primary, intermediate and secondary schools.

Meet The Team

Deanna Johnston

Doctor of Education, M.Ed, B.Ed, Dip.Tchg

Kay Hawk

Doctor of Education; M Ed Admin (Hons); BA; Dip Ed; Cert. ECE.

Jan Hill

M Ed Admin (Hons); Adv Dip Tchg.

Nicky Knight

Doctor of Education; M Ed Admin (Hons); BA; Dip Tchg; Cert. Training and HR Development.

Kerry Mitchell

M Ed Admin (Hons); Adv Dip Tchg.

Roween Higgie

M Ed Mgmt (Hons); Dip Tchr Ed; Dip Tchg.

Associate Directors

Roger Harnett

B.Ed; Dip Tchg.