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GCI NZ LogoIn partnership with Growth Coaching International, GCNZ strives to improve the quality of conversations in school communities – leaders with teachers; teachers with teachers; leaders and teachers with parents and everyone with students, so that principals lead well, teachers teach well, parents and community contribute well and students learn well.

We believe that coaching provides a vehicle to achieve this and that coaching, skillfully deployed, is a cornerstone of school improvement.

GCNZ has been providing coaching services to New Zealand educational leaders since 2010 with over 500 school leaders, system leaders and teachers participating in GCNZ programmes across New Zealand in the last twelve months alone.

GCNZ coaching and coach training programmes are offered across all ‘portals’ of the Global Framework for Coaching in Education including public and in-house programmes designed to enhance:

  • Educational Leadership
  • Teaching Practice
  • Student Success and Wellbeing

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Introduction to Leadership Coaching

Roween Higgie & Nicky Knight

20 & 21 June Palmerston North
Introduction to Leadership Coaching

Kerry Mitchell & Nicky Knight

29 & 30 June Hamilton
Coaching Accreditation Programme Kerry Mitchell & Roger Harnett Phase 1 & 2: 7 & 8 August
Phase 3: 1 & 2 November
Solutions Focused Master Class

Jan Hill & Nicky Knight

8 & 9 August Auckland
Introduction to Leadership Coaching

Roween Higgie & Nicky Knight

29 & 30 August Auckland
Peer Coaching

Kay Hawk & Roger Harnett

4 September &

30 October

Introduction to Leadership Coaching

Roger Harnett & Jan Hill

11 & 12 September Auckland
Introduction to Leadership Coaching

Roween Higgie & Jan Hill

26 & 27 October Auckland
Students as Peer Coaches*

Roween Higgie & Jan Hill

6 & 7 November Auckland

* Pre-requisite: either Introduction to Leadership Coaching (2-day) OR Coaching Accreditation Programme (Phase 1, 2 & 3)

^ Pre-requisite: Coaching Accreditation Programme Phases 1 & 2

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