Our Expertise In This Area

The Education Group Directors have been involved in questionnaire design for many years. One of the Directors was founding Director of Heylen Research Centre and research consultant in the business world for twenty years. All of the Directors have been involved in major national research projects involving questionnaires, supervision of masters’ theses and two have been involved in doctoral research.

Purposes For Which A Questionnaire Might Be Used

• Student feedback for teachers
• Community questionnaires
• Strategic planning
• Organisational/systems reviews e.g. school office, student support services
• Principal appraisal
• Teacher and senior leaders appraisal
• Review of departments/syndicates
• Curriculum reviews
• School climate/culture
• Student engagement
• Surveys of particular issues – uniform, health education, homework, bullying

Why A School Might Invest In The Education Group's Services Rather Than Try To Do It Themselves

• Obtain independent expertise
• Access expertise in data collation, analysis and interpretation
• Access experience in a wide range of school and contexts helps with the interpretation of issues
• Ensure reliability and validity of data
• Guarantee anonymity and confidentiality for respondents
• Provide summaries of data in a report format or audience data presentation
• Save precious time
• Access expertise in applying and using data to the best effect

Services The Education Group Can Offer

• Question design, questionnaire formatting
• Distribution and collection of questionnaires – electronic or paper copy
• Collation, analysis and interpretation of data
• Presentation of tables, graphs and qualitative data (i.e. written comments)
• Preparation of reports and presentation materials e.g. PowerPoint presentations
• Summaries of reports for interested parties e.g. The Board of Trustees

All questionnaires are designed to meet the specific needs of the client

How Does The Electronic System Work?

We use a web-based facility that allows respondents easy access to the questionnaire.
Questionnaires can be emailed to participants OR distributed via the school/organisation website.
This service is protected by SSL encryption; the same encryption used for credit card transactions.

Feedback From Schools:

“We were going to do it ourselves but we got a more sophisticated tool that was easy for parents and staff that could be accessed from our school’s website.”(Principal of a large full primary school)

“We have used questionnaires to help us put together a strategic plan for the school. Feedback from the parents was essential and we simply didn’t have the time or expertise to do it by ourselves. Over time, we have been able to collect comparative data and this has helped us monitor trends and changes.”(Secondary BOT Chairperson)

“We’ve vastly improved the leadership capacity of our Senior Team through the quality of the information we’ve received from staff through the questionnaire.”(Secondary Principal)

“Thanks for organizing the questionnaire. It has served and suited our purposes very well. The report was timely and gave us good feedback on what we needed to address.” (Public Service Organisation)

“We needed to deal with a very sensitive personnel problem and had to have evidence of the seriousness of the issue. The questionnaire data gave us accurate information that we were able to use to plan our next steps. It was vital to have an independent analysis.” (Primary School Principal)