Coaching to Improve Teaching Practice: Peer Coaching

Coaching to Improve Teaching Practice: Peer Coaching

An Effective Way of Facilitating Teaching as Inquiry


10 April & 15 May – Auckland

Positive conversations about teaching practice. This workshop is for leaders who are in support roles with teachers on their practice and for teacher who are already working collaboratively with a teacher colleague. It is for those who seek to extend and stretch their practice.

Offered as a two-day workshop, this program includes:

  •  A brief introduction to coaching and the GROWTH model
  •  Bringing skills of listening, questioning and paraphrasing to conversations about practice
  •  Exploring a model to make meaning of classroom observation data
  •  Demonstration of data based coaching  conversation with the GROWTH model
  •  Deconstructing the process and consolidating learning
  •  Practice conversations
  •  Summary and next steps

Cost: $650 + GST

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