Students as Peer Coaches

Students as Peer Coaches

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20 & 21 February 2019

An exciting addition to our coaching programmes is Students as Peer Coaches. Three schools are currently trialling the programme this year and it is proving to be a very successful way for students to work together to reflect on their learning goals; expand, refine, and build new skills; share ideas; teach one another and solve problems in their school community.

We are now offering this programme as a public workshop for those teachers previously trained in Growth Coaching International’s Coaching Accreditation Programme or the Introduction to Leadership Coaching programme. Those attending the training will be introducing the programme to the students in their schools.

This programme is available to all Primary, Intermediate and Secondary Schools.


  • Knowledge of systems and processes for having students as coaches of their peers
  • Clear understanding of what coaching is and what it is not and how we can apply it to students
  • Confidence in how the GROWTH model and skills can support student learning
  • Support for students to set and achieve goals Support for students to maximise their potential and improve academic and social outcomes
  • Planning for implementing and sustaining a coaching culture at school involving student coaching

Cost: $750 + GST pp
plus one facilitator kit per school $300 + GST

“The Students as Peer Coaches Programme has been an absolute success and has allowed our students to increase their agency in learning allowing our students to be more confident and competent. The students’ increased ability to communicate their goals and aspirations made learning a more collaborative and inspiring process for both the students and the teachers involved.”
Matt Aukett, Associate Principal, Meadowbank Primary School (Formerly Associate Principal Auckland Normal Intermediate School)


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