Students Coaching Students

Students Coaching Students

19 & 20 February 2020

Students Coaching Students is proving to be a very successful way for schools to equip students with the skills to work together, to reflect on their learning goals, expand, refine, and build new skills, share ideas, teach one another and solve problems in their school community.

We are now offering this programme as a public workshop for those teachers previously trained in Growth Coaching International’s Coaching Accreditation Programme or the Introduction to Leadership Coaching. Those attending the training will be introducing and teaching the programme to the students in their schools.

Designed to build knowledge, skills and confidence to enable school leaders to successfully implement a Students Coaching Students within their schools, the programme follows a comprehensive eight stage process:

1. Building the Relationship and Champion Group
2. Raising Awareness
3. Train the Trainer
4. Student Recruitment
5. Training the Student Coaches
6. Student Coaching
7. Reflective Practice
8. Celebrating Success

This programme is available to all Primary, Intermediate and Secondary Schools.


Provide students with an understanding of the GROWTH Coaching system including:

  • A student-friendly version of the GROWTH Model
  • 8 Key Coaching skills
  • A Coaching ‘Way of Being’


  • Train the Trainer Workbook
  • Student Programme Resources
  • School Kit
  • Coaching to support teacher trainers (A one-hour pre-workshop session and a post-workshop session after six months)


  • $3800.00 + GST for two people (Includes pre and post workshop contact hours as well as the two-day workshop)
  • School Kit (1 per school) $300.00 + GST

“The Students as Peer Coaches Programme has been an absolute success and has allowed our students to increase their agency in learning allowing our students to be more confident and competent. The students’ increased ability to communicate their goals and aspirations made learning a more collaborative and inspiring process for both the students and the teachers involved.”
Matt Aukett, Associate Principal, Meadowbank Primary School (Formerly Associate Principal Auckland Normal Intermediate School)


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