Lizzie Bayliss

BA/BCom, Grad Dip Tchng

Lizzie Bayliss

BA/BCom, Grad Dip Tchng
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Lizzie brings an entrepreneurial spirit to education, as a successful young business owner she learnt how to take risks, create company culture, inspire staff and communicate effectively. When RUBY, her business, was sold it had grown to include 4 retails stores throughout NZ and over 20 employees.

Embarking upon her educational career at Bayfield School, Lizzie was fortunate to be a part of the school’s transition from traditional classroom models to Innovative Learning Spaces. During this time Lizzie developed a keen interest in future focus, Local Curriculum, student-centred education, student agency and collective efficacy.

Lizzie has also been a specialist bilingual teacher at Glenavon School working alongside children with diverse language backgrounds, helping them reach their full potential and as a Kāhui Ako Across School Leader Lizzie developed further skills in the areas of coaching, leadership, change, culture and communication.

As a recent classroom practitioner Lizzie brings experience in supporting teachers, new and experienced and middle leaders, as they develop in the profession. Lizzie is enthusiastic about the development of staff as well as student outcomes and wellbeing through positive psychology and coaching. She has a strong belief that as educators we must embrace our professional learning and development, role modelling for our tamariki so that they can adapt and evolve in our ever-changing world.

Collaborative teaching and learning and ILS 

  • Embedding best practice for team leaders and classroom teachers to develop a culture of collaboration
  • Whānau engagement and communication
  • Developing learner agency

Kāhui Ako development

  • Developing collaborative inquiry
  • Aligning Across School Leaders roles with student achievement and current Kāhui Ako goals
  • Creating a collaborative approach to meet achievement challenges
  • Gathering and collating student and teacher voice to support strategic vision

ESOL/Bilingual programme support

  • Developing bilingual models of teaching and learning
  • Supporting school communities to develop effective bilingual policies
  • Exploring students’ cultures to improve engagement and cultural capabilities

Digital Technologies and Fluency

  • Integrating digital technologies across curriculum
  • Inspiring digital fluency and supporting capabilities to use digital technology for a specific purpose