The Education Group provides a broad range of workshop opportunities to assist schools, leaders, teachers and non-teaching staff to improve their practice and be the most effective they can be. These interactive workshops will provide the opportunity to examine your current practice and consider ways to improve that further. It will also provide the opportunity to interact with people from other settings and to share ideas and approaches.

The Education Group has been providing quality workshop opportunities to New Zealand educational settings for more than ten years with over 250 school personnel participating in these programmes across New Zealand in the last twelve months alone.

The Education Group personnel will also be prepared to design an in-house programme to suit your needs where the number of participants allows.

Whilst all workshop programmes are listed below, the Coaching workshops are also listed in the Coaching section of this website.

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Coaching Accreditation Programme
FULL – waitlist available

Kerry Mitchell & Roger Harnett

Phase 1 & 2: 16-17 May
Phase 3: 2-3 August
Primary and Intermediate Middle Leaders

Nicky Knight and Roween Higgie

31 May & 3 August Auckland
Advanced Coaching:
Solutions Focus Master Class

Jan Hill & Nicky Knight

30-31 July Auckland
Teaching as Inquiry

Jan Hill & Roger Harnett

9-10 August Auckland
Introduction to Leadership Coaching

Roween Higgie

27-28 August Queenstown
Coaching Accreditation Programme Kerry Mitchell & Deanna Johnston Phase 1 & 2: 27-28 August
Phase 3: 29-30 October
Introduction to Leadership Coaching

Nicky Knight & Roween Higgie

29-30 August Auckland
Introduction to Leadership Coaching

Kerry Mitchell

29-30 August Tauranga
Coaching to Improve Teaching Practice:
Peer Coaching

Roween Higgie & Kerry Mitchell

13 September & 18 October Auckland

* Pre-requisite: either Introduction to Leadership Coaching (2-day), Peer Coaching OR Coaching Accreditation Programme (Phase 1, 2 & 3)

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