Review and Evaluation

Culture, SLT, curriculum and pedagogy, department, student progress and achievement, specific aspects of school structure and organisation e.g., pastoral care, Boards and governance, community engagement, reporting to parents, inclusion

Surveys, questionnaires, interviews and focus groups | Data analysis – interpretation and use | Specialist investigations

Our team have extensive research and evaluation experience as practitioners and as teachers of research methodology. Our professional integrity, independence, and ability to assure participants of anonymity and/or confidentiality, along with rigorous process, provides the evidence required for confident decision-making and action. The following services are available and adapted to each school’s individual needs: Questionnaire design and survey implementation (community specialist independent investigations with report and recommendations


We have a proud record of professional and constructive reviewing. We are able to bring extensive research expertise as well as a rich knowledge of what effective schools should be like. Unlike the ERO, our reports remain confidential to the school and can be used immediately to guide improvements. Our review service includes whole school reviews, reviews of school systems (e.g. assessment, student support services, appraisal, professional development programmes), reviews of individual departments and reviews of leader or teacher performance.


We have years of experience in evaluating projects, programmes and Ministry initiatives. A detailed list of past work in this area can be provided on request.


Directors have professional research backgrounds and have been university lecturers, at post-graduate level, of research methodology. Past experience and expertise includes large quantitative studies, specialist qualitative work, ethnography, grounded theory, action research, opinion polling and surveys. Frequently commissioned work includes whole research projects, parent and community surveys, student questionnaires, appraisal questionnaires and action research tools and strategies.


We provide data analysis and interpretation services in both quantitative and qualitative areas. It is essential that we either design the research tool, or approve it before use if we are doing the analysis.


We have taught research methodology at Auckland University, Auckland College of Education and Massey University as well as supervising and marking post graduate theses. Years as a research consultant and advisor in the business world, as well as the academic world, enables the team to work with confidence in any setting.