School Development

Schools need to identify and document their philosophical and operational positions. The team can provide a range of options to schools to help them identify and organise documentation. These include the charter (including strategic and annual plans), board manuals, policies, procedures (including a staff handbook), curriculum documents and action plans.

We are highly skilled and experienced in working with schools and boards to review and develop all aspects of school culture, curriculum and pedagogy, systems, networks and partnerships.


Our team is highly skilled in facilitating the development of a strong learning culture through ongoing whole staff development, sharing of current research, building the leadership capability of principals, senior leaders, middle leaders and the facilitation of principal and deputy principal professional development groups.


All team members have extensive experience in supporting schools to develop strategic plans. We understand the current expectations of strategic planning. We can support your school to develop relevant consultation processes and create a strategic plan reflective of all voices, needs and aspirations.


Our research and review backgrounds contribute to our ability to provide high quality review processes and outcomes for schools. We offer expertise in the following areas:

  • Strategic review
  • Curriculum
  • Department
  • Leadership structure
  • School systems such as Learning Support, school climate, culture and wellbeing
  • Office and Administration
  • Setting up school review systems and procedures


We support schools in their consultation processes through development of community questionnaires, facilitation of focus groups, group and individual interviews along with the analysis and reporting of findings, with recommendations if requested.

We support schools to strengthen learning-based partnerships with families whānau.