Coaching in Leadership

Designed for current and aspiring leaders in educational settings, this workshop offers an extended learning experience. Coaching in Leadership is a highly practical and evidence-based workshop that provides in-depth learning about the theory and application of coaching as a contemporary way of leading.

Dates and Locations
19 Mar & 20 Mar & 8 May & 9 May 2024 Auckland
20 Jun & 21 Jun & 19 Aug & 20 Aug 2024 Wellington
30 Jul & 31 Jul & 24 Sep & 25 Sep 2024 Auckland

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(formerly Coaching Accreditation Programme Phases 1-3)

Coaching in Leadership is a highly practical and evidence-based leadership development course that provides in-depth learning about the theory and application of coaching as a contemporary way of leading.

This course is for:

  • Educational leaders at any level
  • Those wishing to extend and deepen their coaching skills
  • Aspiring leaders
  • Coaches, Mentors & Professional Learning Leaders
  • Administrators and managers
  • Communities or networks

Workshop Content:

  • Phase 1: Two-day workshop
  • Phase2: Coaching practice with course participants and in school clients
  • Phase 3: Two-day workshop

Coaching in Leadership is a practical evidence-based course providing in-depth learning and experience of the application of coaching approaches as a highly effective way of leading in schools and other education settings. A ‘coaching approach’ in leadership means applying coaching skills and bringing a coaching way of being to the myriad of conversational contexts through which educational leaders influence thinking and behaviour. Coaching in Leadership is fundamentally about how to best support and grow the capacity, motivation and wellbeing of others through more intentional conversations that lead to better relationships and, ultimately, better outcomes for students.

Designed specifically for current and aspiring leaders in educational settings, this course offers an extended cohort learning experience aligned with internationally recognized coaching and mentoring credentials.


  • Navigate complexity and support change through intentional application of key coaching skills and techniques
  • Develop a ‘coaching approach’ as a people-centered way of leading that builds relational trust, empowers colleagues and enhances wellbeing
  • Lead more empowering and agency-enabling conversations that support progress towards enhanced student outcomes
  • Develop the confidence and skill to initiate and lead learning conversations in a range of leadership contexts:
    • 1-1 coaching and mentoring with team members
    • performance development conversations
    • feedback conversations
    • in-the-moment ‘corridor conversations’
  • Explore what a ‘coaching culture for learning’ could look like in your context and plan concrete steps towards this
  • Aligned with internationally recognised coaching credentials

Intensive Coaching Module (Formerly Phase 4)

For more information on the Intensive Coaching Module, click here

What others have said

Comprehensive material with lots of practice and application. I loved that I could work with a framework and then move through to making it relatable to who I was coaching. Nicky and Roween have a wealth of expertise in this area and I’m blown away with how easy they find it to phrase coaching questions.
Lisa Pearson, Ormiston Primary (CAP)
Great pace and very engaging. I have learnt so much and feel very inspired to keep going with coaching. I could easily have kept going. This is really going to help grow me as leader in our school. I look forward to attending further courses.
Thank you so much for delivering such a great course. I really enjoyed connecting to other teachers and leaders in education.
Nicola Boyens, St Cuthbert's College (CAP)

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