Professional Development


All Directors are internationally accredited leadership coaches and enjoy working 1:1 with current and aspiring leaders, within schools and across schools, including Communities of Learning (COLs).

Personalised coaching is available for professionals experiencing difficulties that is future and solutions focussed.

We also run public and in-house coaching programmes>>

Critical Friend

Critical Friend support can be incorporated into an appraisal process or contracted separately. These meetings are for current leaders with the purpose being to work one to one on goals, topics and/or issues identified by the leader. The Directors take a solutions focussed approach and can include both coaching and mentoring. The result is a clear way forward for the participant.

Professional Learning Groups (PLG’s)

For the past twenty years the high demand continues for The Education Group Directors to facilitate professional development groups for Principals and Senior Leaders.

The focus has been on providing professional and personal development and support.  Senior Leaders say that this happens best when they are operating in a group where there is a high level of trust and rapport.  Experience has shown that an independent facilitator is crucial to the success of the group. Directors are highly experienced facilitators and coaches.

Leadership Professional Learning and Development

We provide tailored professional learning opportunities for Principals and senior, middle and aspiring leaders. This can be one on one or with groups, both within and across schools, to support them to be effective leaders of learning.

BOT Training

Effective governance is a key element of successful schools. All Directors bring a range of governance experience and skills and are happy to tailor Board training needs for each school or groups of schools.

Leading Meetings

This development involves the development of facilitation skills, group dynamics, personality team profiling and the construction of effective agendas that will maximise the effectiveness of time and improve the outcomes of meetings.

HR Profiling

As a company, we are accredited to work with individuals and teams to administer, interpret and help schools to used Extended DISC Behavioural (or Personal) Analysis Assessment to enhance your school or organisations performance. This is one of the world’s most advanced and fastest growing psychometric systems. This will help with Principal and senior leadership appointments and the effective functioning of leadership teams and support career development.