Coaching Accreditation Programme

Coaching Accreditation Programme


Phases 1 – 3

2020 Dates

4 & 5 March & 6 & 7 May (Full – waitlist available)
12 & 13 May & 30 June & 1 July
18 & 19 August & 22 & 23 September

12 & 13 May & 30 June & 1 July

What is the purpose of the programme?
Growth Coaching International’s popular coaching accreditation programme has been designed for leaders and managers in the education sector who are committed to significantly building their leadership skills in order to manage themselves and others towards greater performance.

GCI staff have decades of experience in educational leadership settings and have coached and trained many hundreds of educational leaders across the country and internationally.

Who can apply?

  • Education directors, school principals, heads of educational organisations and departments
  • Head office personnel, including education consultants, HR managers and professional development managers
  • Deputy principals, assistant principals and head teachers
  • Teachers aspiring to leadership roles
  • Education counsellors and senior assistants
  • Individuals in people management roles in other educational government or private settings
  • Organisations who wish to deliver the program ‘in house’.

Cost:  $2600 + GST

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Phase 4

Optional at an additional cost $2365 + GST. Participants of phase 1 to 3 will be given the opportunity to enrol in phase 4.  This is an optional additional phase which leads to GCI accreditation. For further information, click here

This option requires:

  • Completion of six individual coaching sessions with two real clients
  • Written reflective practice learning project, including familiarity with current coaching research literature
  • Coachee to ‘Coach the Coach’ and receive written feedback
  • A high level of commitment to building coaching capability and to the practice of coaching in current or future roles

Participants are required to complete Phase 4 within a year of completing Phase 3 of the Coaching Accreditation Programme.

The European Quality Award conferred by the European Mentoring and
EMCC EQA logo 300Coaching Council to Coaching Accreditation Program Phases 1- 3 – EQA
Practitioner Level Modular Awarded EQA20170163 valid to 2022
(Optional) Phase 4 – Additional EQA Practitioner Level Modular Awarded