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The Education Group provides a broad range of workshop opportunities to assist schools, leaders, teachers and non-teaching staff to improve their practice and be the most effective they can be. These interactive workshops will provide the opportunity to examine your current practice and consider ways to improve that further. It will also provide the opportunity to interact with people from other settings and to share ideas and approaches.

The Education Group personnel can also design an in-house programme to suit your needs where the number of participants allows. Get in touch for more details.

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Further Learning

Further Learning
Intensive Coaching Module
Undertaking the Intensive Coaching Module provides the opportunity to deepen your knowledge, skills and experience of coaching. This is completed in your own time with your individual coach from The Education Group.
Further Learning
Managing Challenging Conversations
Giving open, honest, timely feedback is one of the most important roles a leader can play. It is also, possibly, the number one area where a leader may become derailed. Likewise, being involved in helping to facilitate differences between groups and individuals also presents its challenges. Designed to build on prior learning from GCI leadership coaching courses, this course provides a practical, conversational approach for achieving constructive solutions where everyone feels heard and respected.
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26 Jul 2024 Auckland
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We can offer support and advice choosing the right step for you.

The Education Group personnel are highly skilled in designing, in conjunction with you, bespoke in-house programmes to suit individual school and Kāhui Ako requirements.